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Record: Played the 10th longest innings in cricket history at the age of 32, tied with Lara-Bradman.

Cricket Hindi

Cricket Hindi

After 18 years, the player successfully scored more than 400 runs in first-class cricket. 32-year-old middle-order batsman Sam North-East from Glumorgan joined the likes of Don Bradman and Brian Lara with one innings. Find out which nine players have scored 400 runs in first-class cricket.

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New Delhi. 32-year-old Sam Northeast played a record innings in county cricket. In the match between Leicestershire and Glamorgan in the Division Two County Championship, the 32-year-old NorthEast batsman played an unbeaten innings of 410 runs.

Thanks to Sam NorthEast’s innings, the Glamorgan team managed to score 795 runs for the loss of five wickets. Apart from him, Chris Cook also played an unbeaten innings of 191 runs.

There was also a record partnership of 461 runs for the sixth wicket between Sam Northeast and Chris Cook. NorthEast added 411 runs in 450 balls with the help of 45 fours and three sixes.

NorthEast itself had played 191 games before this match. He scored 11556 runs in 324 innings at an average of around 39. He had 26 centuries and 61 half centuries. But till date he has not got even two years in his 15 years of cricket career. His highest score before this match was 191 not out.

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Sam NorthEast is 32 years old and plays middleweight. Despite his steady performance, he never got the chance to play for England. However, with the help of one innings, he joined the ranks of greats like Don Bradman and Brian Lara.

This is only the 11th time in first-class cricket that a player has scored a total of four hundreds. It was first done by AC McLaren in 1895. The last time West Indian great Brian Lara successfully scored 400 was against England in 2004. So far, nine players have entered their names into this program.

West Indies legend Brian Lara is the only player to score 500 runs in first-class cricket. Besides, Lara is the only player to reach the number 400 in Test cricket as well. (afp) Cricket Essay: Cricket Essay In Hindi :- In today’s article we have given information related to ‘Cricket Essay’.

Cricket Hindi

If you are looking for information related to cricket list? So read this article from cover to cover. So let’s start:-

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Sport is an important part of people’s lives. Sports provide people with entertainment, but also health. Sports are very important for children. Because games provide children with education as well as entertainment.

Various studies have shown that children learn new things faster through play. In this way, children develop many qualities.

Games increase children’s independence, skills, sportsmanship, teamwork and respect for everyone.

Cricket is also one such game. Children can learn a lot through this game. Cricket is one of the most popular sports.

History Of Cricket In Hindi

Cricket is famous all over the world today. Its history is also ancient. The game was first played by the British.

As the influence of the British Empire continued to grow within the country, the sport continued to grow nationally and internationally. In the past, the British played this game with their slaves.

The British always beat, and the slaves always washed the dishes and the fields. Therefore, even today in this game, decisions are made more in favor of the batsman.

Cricket Hindi

In the past, the British played this game in their regional teams. But slowly he started to play again on the international stage. The first international match was played between Australia and England.

Cricket Shayari In Hindi

There are certain rules for playing each game. It is played only on the basis of these rules. Two teams can participate in this game at the same time.

There are 11-11 players in each team. One of these players becomes the captain of that team. The playing field of this game is round.

Throwing out is done before the start of the game. The captain of the winning team decides to bat or bowl first.

This game is played with a wooden bat and a leather ball. The game is played using overs. 6 balls wrapped in each tip.

Cricket Name In Hindi I Name of cricket

The game is played in three modes. Only three formats of cricket are recognized internationally. Its basic format is Test match.

This format is the longest format of this game. This will take five days. This game is played in 2 innings.

Each team has a chance to hit and throw twice. A maximum of 90 overs can be played on this day.

Cricket Hindi

Another format of this game is ODI. 50 over matches arranged in this way.

Cricket Tips Batting In Hindi

The team batting first has to set the target and the second team has to reach the target in 50 overs.

The third and most interesting format of this game is T20. In this format each team plays 20 overs.

In India, cricket is worshiped as a religion. While actors are given equal status with God.

Whenever there are matches between India, all Indians come there to cheer those players.

What is Cricket called in Hindi?

Today, India organizes its own cricket tournament, which is called IPL. Players from all over the world come to play in this cricket tournament.

The name cricket is in the list of famous sports. Every child in India loves to play this game.

Cricket is a very exciting game. Cricket is a game played outdoors. Today, people make a lot of money from sports.

Cricket Hindi

Today, it has taken the form of a business. In cases like match-fixing, it lowered the morale of people in the game.

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