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New Money Games – The author is Professor, Department of Economics, P.G.D.A.V. College (Delhi University) Some time, you may see advertisements of other applications where you can see famous sports people broadcasting games online, even at the same time read a quick warning, ‘play these games carefully. , they might get upset.’ In fact, today our youth are immersed in the applications and games endorsed by these celebrities. This ‘cash betting’ industry has been booming due to the rise of internet and mobile phones in the country for a long time. It is believed that by 2025, the business of this industry will reach $5 billion.

Various online and in-app games, including physical games, such as fantasy games, rummy, ludo, trading related games, and crypto games, also known as real money games, are played for money and prizes. These games are based on skill and chance. But whether it’s a skill or an opportunity, the companies that develop these apps and websites are growing fast and making huge profits.

New Money Games

New Money Games

Since the advent of these real money games, there have been many cases of young people dying after falling into debt. It happens because it is almost a hobby, the chances of winning these games are very small. In some cases, families are torn apart after a younger member incurs huge debts due to these risky claims.

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In 2020, a bidding firm called Dream-11 bought the IPL cricket sponsorship rights for Rs 222 crore. After this the Dream-11 app became a household name. Apps for other fantasy cricket games have bought advertising rights to the IPL. All these apps are promoted by famous cricketers. Notable people include M.S. Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Hardik Pandya, and Rishabh Pant.

According to reports, most of the young people who kill themselves because of the love of playing these apps are in the 19-25 age group, including students, migrant workers and businessmen.

Many courts have supported these fantasy games, accepting the argument that they are games of chance. However, conscious of the power, six states have banned or closed fantasy cricket stadiums. Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has asked the Union Government to cancel 132 such applications.

Although some research suggests that winning this fantasy cricket match is not random and is not gambling, some sports psychologists believe that fantasy cricket is gambling, and may influence pathological gambling behavior. However, the mentality of the people who face this “industry” is that there is no reason to be interested in fantasy games because the average price of tickets in this is only Rs 35, so it is impossible for people to lose more than 10 thousand in these. games in their lives.

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However, with reports of people dying of suicide after running into hundreds of debts due to these ‘games’ this argument is incorrect. Therefore, more research is needed on this topic. It is noteworthy that at this time this organization is not under any law and is self-regulating. Therefore, instead of information from the company itself, a thorough examination of these applications can only reveal the truth.

Risk-taking is not considered important in neoliberal economic theories but is also emphasized. Many financial services were introduced in the era of neo-liberal policies and ideas that have become an integral part of today’s economies. Although speculation has many effects on the stock, commodity, and foreign exchange markets, it is legally permitted. With the entry of ideas into the ordinary world, fantasy games are also allowed to work.

In fantasy games, some players win and others lose, but the app companies that run these games make huge profits. This result forces them to buy sponsorship rights by paying huge sums to cricket promoters like BCCI. Make sure their money goes to the poor students, workers, farmers and common people who put their money in these games or borrow money to play these real money games.

New Money Games

We find that courts and regulatory bodies have knowledge of these games, but not consumers. The Supreme Court has found that the results of games of skill can be affected by machine change.

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In this situation, the government of India and the concerned administrative bodies cannot remain passive. Applications that encourage young people to gamble should be banned. Until this is done, advertising, especially by celebrities, should be banned. Rummy Dangal is like the “scary” Indian Rummy. Perfect for day and night gaming with multi-game settings. It is designed to replicate the offline and native rummy game. Get ready to work on your skills and win real money games and have the best experience!

Dangal Games is a gaming technology company set to revolutionize the Indian online gaming landscape and keep the Indian gaming experience alive. A platform to enjoy the best slot games for all your gaming skills. Lots of games and great prizes! It includes Rummy, Poker, Call Break, Fantasy sports, 8-ball pool and many more. The platform is very simple with a nice user interface for an enjoyable session. Why not enjoy now with real money games in India.

Fantasy Games is the fantasy leg of Dangal Games. It is working hard to become the most ambitious sports platform in India with the best technology, reliable security and gaming ecosystem all ready to entertain you with the best games. Many audiences have a unique interest and love for cricket and Fantasy Dangal is a platform to bring you closer to your love.

Let’s talk about the fastest growing platform! More than 5 Lakh players are enjoying the game on PokerDangal app. It is among the top 10 gaming startups of Silicon India and is growing at a fast pace. An attempt to redefine sports expertise, the game of poker on the board! Poker is the most played game in real money games and this is an app to manage all your playing skills.

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Dangal Games is the best gaming app! The platform brings you an easy way to play games and win daily cash prizes. The app that offers you a variety of slot games and card games turns into the best real money game. Why not join the best amusement ride and play games like Rummy, 8 ball pool, shooter street, Carrom, call break, Fantasy Sports and many more! Who doesn’t want to have a lot of fun and win at the same time? Just practice your skills and get daily rewards and prizes in the app.

Over 1 million players are playing and winning! Obviously, Dangal Games is one of the fastest growing platforms in India and offers the best premium games. Moreover, it stands out with a beautiful user interface that you can interact with without any kind of challenge. Join daily cash tournaments and different leaderboards to win attractive prizes. Instantly withdraw your winnings from your bank account! It can be the best place for you to enjoy great prizes and real money games.

Strategize with your best skills! Undoubtedly, these real money games in India are all about showing your skills and earning big money. We, at Dangal Games are always working to improve the gameplay, UI experience and give you the best gaming experience.

New Money Games

Dangal Games – India’s best gaming app! Get ready to work with the most fun and exciting games out there. What is special about it?

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The app promises users quick withdrawals in seconds. And the best thing about this platform is that it is available in multiple languages. To personalize the user experience, the app is available in multiple languages. So, enjoy your favorite cash games in English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Tamil and other great security features. … Users can trust the app because it is probably the safest place for their money transfers and withdrawals. Continue to new earning games and cash out fast. Download the app in very easy steps! Just enter your phone number and click the “Get Link Request” button and successfully install it on your smartphone. Also, the best thing is that now the app is available in the app store. Find out how to withdraw quickly and register now. We aim to add new premium games to the site, to make your experience fun, interesting and exciting. What else do you want? Download the app now and win your big cash prizes and prizes with real money games in India. If you are there